Asian Scholars Network (ASNet)

Asian Scholars Network (ASNet) aims to provide the opportunities to promote research, innovation and knowledge sharing among scholarly leaders of higher educational institutions from all around the world.

ASNet also provides a platform for academician, practitioners, scholars, researchers, students and policy makers with different backgrounds and experiences, to share their valuable experiences, new ideas and research findings with international scholarly communities.

We are pleased to invite authors and other delegates to our academic conferences and workshops organized in the most attractive locations throughout the Asia.


Lead the Asian scholarly community through nurturing innovative ideas, developments and experiments in the field of educational and industrial research.


Organize international educational events and activities that will contribute towards emergence of intellectual leadership in the multi-discipline academic and professional fields.

Upcoming Conferences 2019

  1. International Conference on Economy, Education, Engineering, Business, Technology and Social Sciences (ICEBTS 2019), 5-Oct, Tamu Hotel and Suites, K. Lumpur
  2. ASNet International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference  (AIMAC 2019). 19-Oct, Hotel Istana, K. Lumpur
  3. International Conference on Education, Engineering, Business, Social Science and Technology (EBSTEC 2019), 2-Nov, The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya
  4. Kuala Lumpur International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference (KLIMAC 2019), 23-Nov, Premiera Hotel, K. Lumpur
  5. International Conference on Education, Technology, Business and Social Science (ETBSS 2019), 7-Dec, Tamu Hotel and Suites, K. Lumpur
  6. Langkawi International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference (LIMAC 2019), 21-Dec, Langkawi Seaview Hotel, Langkawi

Conferences 2020

  1. Putrajaya International Conference on Advanced Research (PJIC2020), 11-Jan, The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya
  2.  International Conference on Business,  Education, Social and Technology (ICBEST 2020), 18-Jan, Hotel Istana, K. Lumpur
  3.  International Conference on Business, Education, Social Science and Technology (BEST2020), 8-Feb, Tamu Hotel and Suites, K. Lumpur
  4.  2nd International Conference on Business, Education, Innovation and Social Sciences (ICBEISS 2020), 22-Feb, Premiera Hotel, K. Lumpur
  5.  2nd International Conference on Business, Management, Technology and Education (ICBMTE2020), 14-Mar, The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya
  6.  Penang International Conference on Economics, Society and Technology (PICEST 2020), 28-Mar, Bayview Hotel, Penang